“Breast Warts” and “Mother Cakes”

One of the best things about being pregnant in Germany is getting to learn all of the German vocabulary words related to childbirth. The German language is full of compound words that are pretty funny when translated literally into English. A glove, for example, is called a Handschuh (hand-shoe) in German. I have created a table below with some of my new favorite pregancy-related compound words.


Note–Many of the German words also have Latin-based medical equivalents. A Mutterkuchen can also be called a Plazenta. But that’s not as much fun!


4 thoughts on ““Breast Warts” and “Mother Cakes”

  1. Interesting to read something like that from the non-German point of view… Very funny and entertaining! ^^ Go on with it! 👍
    (Excuse me for my bad English!)


  2. Although “egg stick” is funny, I think “egg lager” or “egg warehouse” is the intended translation from the 14 different translations of “Stock” to English.


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