My Birth Story–Part 2: “Holding Back When They Say Push”

I was thankful that my bag was already packed when the midwife told us to drive to the birthing center. I had feared the 30 minute drive before the birth, but it actually wasn’t so bad. There was no traffic at 5 a.m. on a Saturday morning. It was a beautiful day. Between contractions I … More My Birth Story–Part 2: “Holding Back When They Say Push”

My Birth Story–Part 1: “The Never-Baked Lemon Cake”

When I was pregnant I was often told that a woman’s first labor tends to be very lengthy. At one point I read about a woman who baked a birthday cake between contractions to pass the time before going to the hospital. After returning home with the baby, she was able to celebrate the birth … More My Birth Story–Part 1: “The Never-Baked Lemon Cake”

To Sit or Not to Sit Part 2: “The Stroller”

  The emphasis Germans place on “protecting baby’s spine” has huge repercussions for the German baby gear market, particularly when it comes to strollers. It is very common in America for parents to attach their baby’s carseat to a stroller frame to transport their baby before he or she is old enough to sit in … More To Sit or Not to Sit Part 2: “The Stroller”

To Sit or Not to Sit Part 1: “The Milestone”

When I worked in the infant room of an American childcare center about ten years ago, an emphasis was placed on helping the babies gain enough muscle strength to reach physical developmental milestones in an appropriate timeframe. One such milestone was the ability to sit independently. “Sitting independently” is defined by American child development experts … More To Sit or Not to Sit Part 1: “The Milestone”

Pregnant Workers’ Rights

Germans take maternal health very seriously. This becomes clearly evident when you examine the many regulations created to protect pregnant women in the workplace. There is a piece of German legislation called the Mutterschutzgesetz (Maternity Protection Law) which outlines the accomodations that are to be made for employed expecting mothers. Here are just a few highlights: Pregnant women may not work at jobs in … More Pregnant Workers’ Rights

“Breast Warts” and “Mother Cakes”

One of the best things about being pregnant in Germany is getting to learn all of the German vocabulary words related to childbirth. The German language is full of compound words that are pretty funny when translated literally into English. A glove, for example, is called a Handschuh (hand-shoe) in German. I have created a table below … More “Breast Warts” and “Mother Cakes”